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“Servus” harbor city – “Moin” mountains (Our move to Munich)


Lately it has become quieter on the blog and on Instagram. That’s because we fulfilled our “life’s dream” and needed some time to organize our real life…

Goodbye Wilhelmshaven

We are harbor kids, lived all our life on the beautiful North Sea coast in the harbor city of Wilhelmshaven. We could listen to the rushing of the waves, taste the salty air on our lips and feel the sand between our toes. That sounds like a vacation, doesn’t it?! But as the good old saying goes, “You always want what you do not have”.

Reasons why we wanted to move to Munich

We were always drawn to the mountains as much as to the sea and for a long time it was clear to us that although Wilhelmshaven is a great city for growing old, one day we wanted to live in a big German city. We never considered any other city than Munich, why? The many streets with old buildings, the beautiful lakes around Munich, the overgrown beer gardens, the mountains within reach and the people with Bavarian dialect give us the feeling of home and belonging for a second time. In addition, we have to admit that some members of Coco’s family took the same step many years ago and we went to Bavaria year after year for a family visit. The city and its surroundings were never unknown to us…

Wilhelmshaven Muenchen Deutschlandkarte

Travel or move?

After our camper trip through Australia and New Zealand in 2017, we were faced with a decision. Let’s save our money and go back to Australia for some time in 2018 to explore more regions with the camper or save our money, finally move out from our homes and start a “new joint life” in Munich… We decided for the latter and there we are now… Two harbor kids in the middle of a big city far away from the loved ones. If you are wondering how to decide against traveling, do not panic! Look at our travel dates, this year we won’t be going to Australia but we have plannend something that is at least equally great!

House hunting in Munich

There are now two tough months behind us, which were full of looking for a place to live in Munich, the move from our children’s rooms (don’t laugh, that was more exhausting than expected) and the move into our first shared apartment. Now, at the end of July, we are sitting on our “modern boho style” balcony and can write this piece in peace and tell you that we have moved 800 km from the beautiful North Sea coast to the most beautiful city in Germany. Of course we stay the “Hafenkids” (in English harbor kids) and will not change our name, because –  now it’s finally time to deliver a great quote again – “Never forget where you come from”. In our hearts, we will always stay harbor kids and the lakes around Munich have also small boat harbors, right?

We would be very happy about a small “hello” from Munich bloggers and readers and maybe you could even provide us with some insider tips on the city!

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