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Since we put our Lightroom Presets online for sale, we got a lot of questions, if we could also sell presets for the free mobile lightroom app. Today, we can announce you two great news!

First we want to introduce our lightroom preset package matching the summer temperatures. The new package has the name “Beach please”, since these presets are especially suitable for people loving vacations. No matter if in water, sand or at the next beach bar, they conjure the ulimate Maledives look on your pictures.

Coming to the second joyful news, not only our new package “Beach please”, but also the other packages “City traveller” and “Hygge life” can be used in the free lightroom app (for Android and iOS) right now. Every package is now equipped with files for the computer version and the mobile phone version, yay!

Enjoy swiping to the left and back to the right to see the transformation of some of our favourite pictures with “Beach Please”. We also filmed a video where we put all important information (it’s in german).

Please share with us, how you liked the new preset package.

Don’t forget to tag @hafenkidspresets and #hafenkidspresets, so we can see your great pictures that you’ve made with our presets!

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