About us

Hey there, welcome, we are Coco and Flo and you are on the Hafenkids blog.

The port city of Wilhelmshaven at the North Sea in Germany is our home and we love to travel and explore the world. We’re kids of the 90s and proud to say that we’re a strong team since more than seven years… yeah, do the maths, it’s the first big love.

Coco is a media designer and has her own business as video content creator and social media influencer of Kleinstadtcoco since beginning of 2017. Flo is a certified IT specialist and a passionate drone pilot.

Traveling fulfills us with joy and makes us happy, the pictures that result from our many trips combined with some words about the story behind them are great memories for us and we are more than happy to share our insights with you.

The Hafenkids blog is meant to serve you as a source of inspiration for different destinations, travel stories, travel tips, outfit posts (our looks are simple, casual and realistic) and a lot of pictures for the ultimate “wanderlust”-factor.