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Our friends keep asking which of our destinations has been the highlight of our trip through Western Australia. To be honest, this question is really hard to answer! About one year ago we travelled with our friends along the South East cost in a campervan and we have to admit that we like Western Australia a lot better. Imagine all images that you have ever seen of Australia, coral reefs with lots of colorful fish, picturesque and deserted beaches with turquoise water or the red and orange colored unsealed roads that you know from pictures from the outback… all that is Western Australia and we just fell in love with this part of the country!


We haven’t had the chance so far to explore the Great Barrier Reef on the East Coast but we’ve heard that too many tourists have left their traces and destroyed parts of the reef. We are very happy that we met new friends on this road trip, I’d like to take this opportunity to say hi to Basti, Anita and baby Maya ♥, who are passionate as well as professional divers. They say that the Ningaloo Reef, which is located at the Western Australian Coast, is much more pristine than the Great Barrier Reef. We are more than happy that we had our first snorkel experiences in the open ocean at the beautiful Ningaloo reef. We saw colorful fish, flounders, sharks and impressive corals everywhere.


The caravan park of our choice was the People’s Park Coral Bay (for further information about the caravan park please click here). This was one of the best equipped caravan parks we explored on our trip. Some of the highlights were the large and clean amenities, a beautiful camp kitchen as well as the super location right across the turquoise water. Coral Bay is a „one-road town“ with probably one supermarket and one gas station and just this makes this little town such an idyllic little paradise on earth. Although it’s a tiny little town it has a lot to offer, it’s variety of tours like swimming with whale sharks, glass bottom boat tours, snorkel and dive expeditions and many more is immense.

We didn’t have to join any of these tours, as Coco’s highlight was the close by “baby shark pool”, which was only 30 minutes walking alongside the beach to the right of Coral Bay. Thanks to a coral edge that stretches along the shoreline in the shallow waters the reef is a great spot for hundreds of “small” black tip reef sharks.



Are you thinking about traveling the Western Australian coast? Then definitely stop at Coral Bay, you will be rewarded.


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