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We would like to tell you about a very special project. Since the beginning of March we are a part of the exclusive DEICHMANN influencer club. The club is a platform for the exchange and the support of influencers who are very passionate about fashion and especially shoes. As we are always looking for the coolest and most comfortable shoes for our travel adventures, the club just came at the right time.

The DEICHMANN blog parade

Together with six other members of the DEICHMANN influencer club, we participate in the DEICHMANN blog parade. This week you will find a daily article regarding the topic “my shoe, my city” on seven different blogs.

Wilhelmshaven, our home on the North Sea

At the beginning of this week, we told you about our great adventure Munich. Despite the movement, it is certain to us to represent our hometown Wilhelmshaven. Wilhelmshaven is not only the place where we were born and raised but also a place of security, love and regeneration. Our families and closest friends stay ,northern lights’ (or ‚fish-heads’ as the South Germans like to say) and for that reason we return regularly to our hometown to spend some time with our loved ones and to gather new energy throughout a walk at the promenade with a view to the mudflat.

Deichmann Blogparade Wilhelmshaven

My shoe, my city

Whether for long coastal walks, wet excursions on fisher boats or for relaxing in the beach chair, for all these activities comfortable shoes are a must. But what were the criteria for our choice of the shoes for the blog parade? They should be comfortable and modern, that was for sure. So bring us sneakers and espadrilles! The look should reflect the North Sea. That’s why we thought of blue and white striped shirts, yellow rain jackets and fisherman cables… After reducing to two pairs of shoes, Flo decided upon a sporty sneaker in the colours of the raw sea and Coco chose the frisky espadrilles whose plateau sole resembled the fisherman cables with some imagination.

Deichmann Blogparade Maennerschuhe

Deichmann Blogparade Nike Maennerschuh
Outfit details: shoes

Deichmann Blogparade Frauenschuhe

Deichmann Blogparade Frauenschuh
Outfit details: shoes

You now want to know what shoes the other participants of the DEICHMANN blog parade chose fort he cities Munich, Düsseldorf, Mannheim etc.? Here is a list of all blogs and dates:

Monday, 30. July 2018

Tuesday, 31. July 2018
Annika –

Wednesday, 01. August 2018
Coco & Flo –

Thursday, 02. August 2018
Antje –

Friday, 03. August 2018
Laura –

Saturday, 04. August 2018
Inga –

Sunday, 05. August 2018
Laura – @aunttommy


This post was published in collaboration with Deichmann.

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