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It was that time of year again: From 17.04. till 20.04., Ernsting’s family hosted the blogger event with the hashtag #wirfeiernsommer. In the previous years of 2016 and 2017, Coco already got the opportunity to join the event. Back then, the new summer collections were presented in Ibiza and Sicily, and Coco was one of the first people to be able to see and try on the amazing collections. This year, the both of us got the invitation to go to Greece with Ernsting’s family.

We don’t even know how to begin to tell you about the trip because we are still overwhelmed by the great memories that we made during that time. But let’s start with a surprise for you all: In collaboration with Ernsting’s family, we were able to put together a nice contest for you guys, which you can find more details for at the end of this article.

Like a family vacation

Each year, Ernsting’s family managed to put together a group of social media influencers that was very easy to get along with over a long period of time. We already knew a few of the girls, so the excitement at the airport was already immense! But even all of the new faces fit effortlessly into the group, so that the whole trip felt more like a class reunion or a family vacation.

Ernstings family Bloggerreise

PetraMarcelloKim, DaniJulesCécileMarcoElaJanKathiMoritz (from left to right) DianaCoco (bottom picture)

An absolute dream hotel

Another absolute enjoyable experience was the stay in the five-star hotel Sani Beach Resort. Ernsting’s family manages to choose exceptional hotels every single year. The hotel was absolutely elegant, spacious, and definitely first-class. Its own boat harbour and long beach section were barely walkable by foot. We were especially fond of the beach bar. Everything from the floor to the furniture was in white and beige colours, which fit the colours of the clear ocean water and bright sandy shore.

Sani Beach Resort BarErnstings family PressereiseSani Beach Resort Hafenkids

Ernsting’s family summer contest

As every year, everyone was allowed to pick two outfits of the upcoming collections to do a professional photoshoot in. We want to give you just a little sneak preview of these photos, since we are going to make a post only about the fashion looks later on – We didn’t introduce the new section Outfits for nothing…

Ernsting's family Kleider machen FreudeErnsting's family Kleider machen Freude

The beautiful beach dress is currently available for 19,99 Euro. You can check it out here, it comes in the sizes 36 to 46.

Ernsting’s family competition

Of course we want you to be able to take something with you from our journey as well, which is why we thought of doing the already mentioned surprise for you guys. And what would be more suitable than a shopping coupon for the upcoming collection? We are raffling off two shopping coupons for 50,00€. To have a doubled chance of winning, we are doing the contest for one of the coupons on this blog, and on our Instagram account (This one is going online on the 4th of May) for the other one. You are allowed to participate in both raffles! Just write down in the comments  why you like to read our blog. Good luck!

A little bit of love

Huge thanks go to Marcello, Kathi and Jan from Ernsting’s family for inviting us to this amazing trip and for the cool contest. Signatur_Hafenkids

Thank you Ernsting’s family, for the invitation to the free press tour and the pictures made available for us. The beautifully edited pictures are from the Lightroom Presets, which were done by Hafenkids.

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