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Toronto is not only Canada’s biggest city, but also the most multicultural city of the whole world! Over 40% of the citizens were born abroad and next to English are 140 languages and dialects spoken there. This could also be a reason for the unbelievable variety of cafés in Toronto. In this article we are going to reveal where our most favourite cafes and diners were, while we were staying in Toronto with EF Education.

Cacao 70 Distillery

A dream for chocolate enthusiasts! The beautiful „Distillery Disctrict“ is home to this café, where you’ll get food for body and for soul! Starting with fruit fondue up to chocolate pizza, cakes, waffles, crêpes, but also sweet breakfast are here the creative and extra-ordinary combinations you’ll find on the menu.

Adress: 28 Gristmill Lane, Toronto
Food Guide Toronto Cacao70

Wilbur Mexicana

Considering the queues we think this is a good mexican diner. It’s a cool location with a humble selection of quesedillas, fajitas, burritos and snacks like nachos with guacamole, tacos and many more. We recommend to go there, if you like mexican food.

Adress: 552 King Street West, Toronto
Food Guide Toronto Wilbur MexicanaFood Guide Toronto Wilbur Mexicana Location

Poutini’s House of Poutine

The poutine is one of the most famous fast food specialists in Canada. Totally not healthy, but so delicious! Poutine consists of french fries with cheese and gravy poured over it. We really enjoyed it. The small store with sadly a small seating area had an old-fashioned potato machine, in which the french fries were produced. Solely for the machine it’s worth a visit, because the production is really interesting to watch. There are also vegetarian and even vegan variations of the poutine!

Adress: 617 King Street West, Toronto
Food Guide Toronto PoutineFood Guide Toronto Poutine Location

Versus Coffee

We went to this café, just because we liked the creative decorations on the hot beverages. Additionally, we got the most delicious avocado toast we’ve ever tasted! A small, warm coloured café with an incredibly friendly staff!

Adress: 70 Adelaide Street East, Toronto
Food Guide Toronto Versus Coffee
Food Guide Toronto Versus Coffee


In the middle of the busy King Street lays the iQ FOOD CO., which interior is very cold and puristic. Like everywhere else you’ll get good coffee here. Sadly, there is no proper breakfast, however very healthy salads, smoothies and many more!

Adress: 613 King Street West, Toronto
Food Guide Toronto iQFOOD
Food Guide Toronto iQFOOD Location

There are a lot of food spots in Toronto. Sadly, we didn’t make it to all the locations we had on our list. But it’s not that bad. We’ll just have to visit soon again… Maybe you have also tips for Toronto, so please write them in the comment section – we really appreciate it!

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A big thank you to EF Education for providing us with this free language trip.

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