Walt Disney World in Orlando
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A dream for many: Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Who hasn’t heard of the typical Mickey Mouse ears and the famous Cinderella Castle?! We have been planning a trip to the USA for a long time, as you might have read in our article about our top 5 travel destinations

We have the ultimate adventure guide and a big sweepstake for you!

Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

Four unique theme parks, two fun-filled water parks and a variety of evening entertainment await visitors of all ages in the largest leisure resort in the world. We now want to fulfill our dream of visiting Disneyland with Attraction Tickets Direct.

Walt Disney World Cinderella Schloss

Attraction Tickets Direct

You may have never heard of Attraction Tickets Direct? Then we would like to tell you about it briefly: ATD is the world’s largest ticket provider for theme parks, attractions and sights in the USA. Whether you are interested in a helicopter flight over New York, a guided tour of the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, or a visit to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Attraction Tickets Direct always sells the original tickets at the guaranteed best price. Interesting side note: If you find a cheaper ticket, the difference will be refunded by Attraction Tickets Direct. We like to book in advance in order to avoid long waiting times at the park entrances.

Walt Disney World Merchandise

Experience Walt Disney World properly

If you take a look at the Walt Disney World park map, you don’t even know where to start and which epic photos to take first. Attraction Tickets Direct has teamed up with Disney to create a bucket list that brings together a total of 30 great experiences and inspirations for Disney theme parks. Do you think that you could get more than one thing of the bucket list done? Here is the bucket list.

We will soon let you know in our travel dates when it’s time for us to pack our bags and go to Orlando! Until then we challenge you …

Walt Disney World Frozen

The Disney Competition

Take a look at the Disney Bucket list. Have you ever taken a photo with your favorite character or bought a souvenir at the Disney shop? One completed challenge of the bucket list is already enough to enter the competition for the exclusive Walt Disney World vacation.

Share your favorite Disney moment on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter while using the hashtag #atdbucketchallenge. If you have never had the opportunity to visit a Disney Park, no problem! Be a little creative and create your own dreamlike Disney moment from home.

Click here for the competition

Walt Disney World Gewinnspiel

Thanks to Attraction Tickets Direct for the joint cooperation.


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