Heavenly Spa Westin Eingang


To check out the tourist hot spots and to indulge into new cultures, languages and foreign food was real fun. Thinking about these 7 spectacular days spent on Bali still brings back sparkles to our eyes. After absorbing so many impressions we felt like after running a marathon at the end of the day. For “stress relief” and the ultimate relaxation we visited the Heavenly Spa by Westin on our second last day.


The Heavenly Spa is located in Nusa Dua in the south of Bali and belongs to the Westin Resort (a very impressive hotel). The interior design of the hotel and the spa area is of high quality and looks tremendous and the staff is super friendly and pleasing, just like we experienced the Balinese culture. We were pleasantly treated by Kadek and Dani and received  the 60 minutes “Heavenly Spa Signature Massage” in a double massage area for just the two of us (here you can see all the treatments the spa offers). We can really recommend this very relaxing full body massage accompanied by calming music.


After the treatment we enjoyed some soul-food like chocolate, strawberries, nuts and ginger lemongrass elixir in an adjacent relaxation area. Due to the ginger the elixir has a detoxifying and rejuvenating effect and is supposed to activate the self-healing energy on a natural base. The lemongrass has a soft antibiotic, pain-soothing and cramp-relieving effect. This tee was too strong for Coco, she preferred eating the strawberries, that’s her. *Just joking*



We enjoyed the afternoon a lot, the blossomy scents, the calming melodies and the relaxing massages let our spirits wonder. You should also try to invest more time in yourself, it’s wellness for body and soul and helps to regenerate your strength.Signatur_Hafenkids


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