The year is almost over and we have the feeling that the older we get, the faster the days and months pass until the new year starts. Do you also feel this way?
This year we travelled to many new places on this planet and we started our baby „Hafenkids“, both are the reason why we are even more travel addicted now. We are very motivated to travel to many countries next yeas as well so we wrote down a list of our top 5 travel destinations for 2018. Will we manage to tick them all oft he list? We’ll see in one year from now, so here are our top 5 travel destinations:


Actually we thought about travelling the Fiji islands after our camper road trips through Australia and New Zealand. It would have been a great stop over as it is only a 3 hour flight from Auckland to the beautiful island(s). At the end we chose the cheaper alternative and visited Bali instead (here you can find out more about out trip to Bali). But in 2018 we definitely want to explore more of this part oft he world.

Fidschi Strand

New York

The city that never sleeps, that’s where we want to go! The sights in NY are a definite MUST for a travel blog (and for Gossip Girl fans like Coco), don’t you think so? The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building or Ground Zero, the 5th Avenue or Central Park (especially in winter time with the ice skating rink), during our research we see all these pictures and next year we’d like to feel the vibe of NY ourselves.

Skyline New York
Created by Luis_molinero –


Bright white beaches, crystal clear waters, bent palm trees and water bungalows… that is how we think oft he Maledives. Ever since we met more than 7 years ago, this is our top 1 travel destination.

Malediven Wasserbungalow


The polar lights are the most spectacular natural phenomenon. Although we love the heat, the beaches and the sea, we definitely want to do a trip with huskies on a sledge through the cold and to see the polar lights. There is this one hotel, the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Coco found this place coincidentally while browsing the web and since then she’s all fired up for this destination.

Polarlichter Finnland


The Gilis were not on our radar until recently. Our new friends that we met on the camper road trip through Australia told us many stories about these islands. We had our first snorkel experience in Australia (here you can find out more about the snorkel paradise) and we really want to see more sea turtles! Following our friends‘ recommendation the Gilis are the perfect spot for this.

Gili Schnorcheln

We are really looking forward to the new year and are very excited which of our top 5 travel destinations we can tick of our list… Have you already made some travel plans?


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